Freddie Mercury and my dragon

It’s beautiful the way the mind works. Take Freddie Mercury and my dragon.

A couple of months ago my friend, Gill Ingram, and I were invited on to Sarah Scholefield’s FromeFM radio programme to talk to Suzy Howlett about the children’s books we had written. We were allowed to choose our own introduction music.

Because my book was about magic and a dragon buried deep in the earth under Lyme Regis for hundreds of thousands of years, I chose ‘A Kind of Magic’ by Queen. Even the lyrics seemed to fit my dragon: ‘The waiting seems eternity’ and ‘This rage that lasts a thousand years’, or even, ‘This flame that burns inside of me.’ So it was to Freddie singing ‘One dream, one soul, one prize, one goal’ that I began to read the chapter about how Will first met the dragon in a dream.

This has obviously affected my brain because now, seven chapters into the sequel to ‘The Last Dragon’, I am totally ear-wormed. My days are spent with the opening bars of the song washing around somewhere in the back of my head, even when I’m not writing. And let’s face it; most writing is done in one’s head before even setting finger to keyboard.

Normally, earworms are insidious. They drive people to distraction – but not this one. It accompanies all my daytime activities, it sits inside me and reminds me. It inspires me. I wonder if other people have the same experience of a good earworm.

Thanks Freddie.

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