This is the first blog from Silver Crow Books, so here’s a bit about ourselves.

We officially launched last November as the Frome Writers’ Collective (FWC)’s book brand. The brand is a pretty new concept and operates a lot like an imprint, except we don’t fund the publishing of books. Instead, we produce books in partnership with publishers such as SilverWood Books, Troubador and The Self-Publishing Partnership.

Check out our Facebook page and our website, or follow us on Twitter.

The Silver Crow brand has been two years in the making. We’ve had some great support on the way – and run into one or two tricky bits. Although, as writers, we thought we knew all about publishing, we soon found out just how much we had to learn – a lot more than we could have imagined!

Our blog is for sharing ideas and information about self-publishing, with the fun bits and the baffling bits (quite a lot of those!) of getting books into print. We’ll also tell you a bit about Silver Crow’s growing list of titles, with the indie authors, illustrators and publishing partners behind them. We do hope you’ll follow our blog.


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